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3 Reasons You Need a Lawyer for Construction Projects Alpharetta, GA

3 Reasons You Need a Lawyer for Construction Projects

Construction Equipment

When a new construction project is coming together, there can be multiple contractors, developers, engineers, investors or owners. There are many contract clauses to work out, including how to remedy disagreements and problems. With large financial, legal and safety issues at stake, it is extremely important to have legal representation for construction projects. Construction Lawyers… Continue Reading

The Benefits of Legal Representation During a Business Sale

Signing a Document

There are many reasons why business owners decide to sell their business, Perhaps profitability has dropped, the business could be part of a court ordered sale or the owner could be ready for retirement. Just as there are many reasons behind selling a business, the legal requirements associated with the sale are many and varied…. Continue Reading

Commercial Real Estate Lease Clauses that Can Affect Your Business

real estate agent holding with keys in his hand sitting at a desk with a house model on it

A commercial real estate lease is a crucial transaction for your business. This contract can require certain things that can significantly affect your business operations. The less control you have, the more likely it may be that your business will suffer. Here are the commercial real estate lease clauses to look for that can affect… Continue Reading


Business Contracts Atlanta GA

Though the term “solopreneur” is used interchangeably with “freelancer,” “self-employed,” “entrepreneur” or “small business owner,” there are distinctions between them. What they have in common are self-employment taxes and filing 1099 forms. Your business may be more than one. Small Business Owner – One who attempts to successfully operate a company to gain profit. They… Continue Reading

Protect Your Business Interests with Appropriate Contracts

Signing a Contract at Desk

No matter how well you know the role you play or skills you bring to a business, understanding legal requirements is an entirely different matter. There are countless areas where protecting your best interests with appropriate contracts is essential. The purpose of a business contract is to ensure that all parties in any particular agreement… Continue Reading

3 Problems With “Free” Contract Templates

businessmen analizing and discussing data

The biggest benefit of contract templates is their cost. Many are free to use and some offer a small amount of customization for a fee. That’s not all there is to them and before you decide to grab one of those “off the shelf” contract templates for your small business, you should know more about… Continue Reading

The Benefits of a Business Contracts Lawyer

Business Contracts Atlanta GA

The American Dream is built upon the promise of our forefathers. It is the concept that every person, no matter what station they hold in life, can achieve their dreams through hard work and sacrifice. Home ownership and a college education are both considered paths to achieving the American Dream, and for many people, owning… Continue Reading

Get Help with Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Real Estate Law Alpharetta GA

Commercial property leasing is designed to be a beneficial arrangement for both parties. The Landlord receives an income from his or her property, and the tenant benefits from a usable facility without the risks or responsibilities of ownership. However, these business relationships can hit snags or break down and require help to reach a resolution…. Continue Reading

A Title Examination is a Must

businessmen analizing and discussing data

If you are an investor interested in purchasing real estate, or if you are a small business owner looking to purchase your own storefront, a thorough title examination can prevent you from entering into a bad business deal. How do title examinations work, and why are they so important? Here we will examine exactly what… Continue Reading

Importance of Customized Business Contracts

an attorney signing documents

Anyone with a computer and printer can create a standard contract to use for various business relationships. There are many templates available that allow you to fill in your business name and have your employee, tenant, partner or vendor sign on the dotted line. However, generic or boilerplate business contracts may not completely protect your… Continue Reading

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