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Acquisition of Commercial Property

Purchasing and developing commercial property comes with risks that can impact your investment and profit. To minimize the risk of acquisition of commercial property, the Law Offices of S. Mark Burr, P.C. in Alpharetta offers their extensive legal experience and knowledge in real estate law. Mark Burr and his legal team can complete the necessary title reviews, due diligence reviews, contract negotiations and other preliminary legal actions that can reduce the risk for developers and investors pursuing acquisition of commercial property in Georgia.

Mark Burr has spent over three decades working as a real estate attorney. His extensive experience and skill in the area of real estate law has focused on commercial property. Working with owners, investors, developers and lenders, Mr. Burr has the commercial real estate experience needed when considering a large commercial property purchase. From researching the title and legal restrictions on the property, to negotiating terms and drafting a purchase contract, Mark Burr can assist in every stage of acquisition of investment commercial real estate.

Preliminary Due Diligence for Commercial Property Purchases

Extensive research should be completed to ensure a commercial real estate purchase is a wise investment. While developers may have completed research to ensure a commercial property will be a valuable asset for their project, there are legal factors that can impact the risks of investment. Mark Burr and his legal team can perform the preliminary due diligence for commercial property acquisition. This research can include:

  • Title reviews for liens or ownership disputes
  • Environmental regulations pertaining to development
  • Survey analysis
  • Legal description
  • Overseeing property assessments
  • Analysis of existing leases and tenant agreements

Careful examination of the commercial property from a legal aspect can uncover any pitfalls that could impact future development, financing and sale concerns. Mark Burr and his team can perform the legal due diligence to research and qualify a commercial property for their clients, minimizing any legal risks for their investment.

Financing and Purchase Assistance

Commercial property acquisitions are major investments. Investors and developers will need legal assistance when obtaining financing to complete the purchasing process. Mr. Burr and his legal team have worked with many commercial lenders, investors and developers, overseeing the legal aspects of commercial real estate purchases. This includes preparation of purchase agreements and letters of intent, as well as obtaining the required documentation to begin the financing process. Mr. Burr and his team can help obtain the needed acquisition and construction financing for development projects and prepare all closing and escrow documentation.

Permitting, Development and Construction Contracts

Beyond purchasing commercial property, many investors and developers will require legal assistance for their plans to develop the project. Whether your acquisition of commercial property is to build an apartment complex, medical facility, office space or other development, you will need to acquire permits and approvals through various government agencies. Development and construction contracts may also need to be negotiated and drafted. Mark Burr and his legal team can provide the legal assistance to pursue the development of your commercial property after purchase.

Commercial real estate acquisitions and development are extremely complex, with many legal ramifications. Mark Burr has spent his career helping clients assess legal risks when investing in commercial property and protecting their financial stake. From preliminary legal research before purchase to financing, closing and development, the Law Offices of S. Mark Burr, P.C. can assist in every stage of your commercial property acquisition.

Are you considering an investment in commercial real estate in Georgia? Contact the Law Offices of S. Mark Burr, P.C. in Alpharetta to schedule a consultation to discuss the first steps in minimizing risk and protecting your financial investment.

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