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Construction Law Lawyer

Commercial construction projects involve multiple entities that are tied together legally and financially. Lenders, developers, contractors and commercial property owners can all be impacted financially by construction projects and could be liable for certain legal issues. The Law Offices of S. Mark Burr, P.C. represent contractors, developers and others involved in construction projects, protecting their interests during and after the project is completed.

Mark Burr has spent over 30 years as a real estate attorney, working with commercial developers, architects, engineers, lending institutions and other entities involved in commercial construction projects. He has an in-depth understanding of the variable aspects that can financially impact the various entities involved in large-scale commercial projects. He recognizes his client’s interests and works to protect them before entering into a construction contract, as well as help negotiate or litigate any contract disputes.

Construction Contract Negotiations

Construction contracts are the legally binding agreements between developers, lenders and other entities involved in large development projects. It is vital that each company involved in the project is protected from financial harm from others during the project. This requires a well-written and detailed contract that outlines responsibilities and liabilities for all entities involved.

Mark Burr and his team have extensive experience working in the real estate legal realm, including negotiating and drafting construction contracts to protect their clients. Mr. Burr understands the importance of detailing any possible scenario within the contract with enforceable clauses to protect his client from financial harm. His skills are valuable for creating and upholding construction contracts with multiple parties to reduce liability for his clients.

Construction Liability Concerns

Each entity involved in a construction project has a stake in the project and liability concerns. The owner or developer is depending on multiple companies to complete the project to exact standards and within a certain time frame. Architects, engineers and construction companies depend on developers honoring their financial commitments and timelines. If any contributor fails to meet their obligations, they can be liable for financial harm to others involved in the project. Liability concerns in commercial construction projects include:

  • Not meeting safety regulations
  • Poor quality craftmanship
  • Structural flaws
  • Water intrusion
  • Not meeting deadlines
  • Payment disputes

Many liability issues can arise after the project is finished. An apartment building could have structural flaws that lead to injuries and lawsuits, or a construction project could cause water intrusion to neighboring properties, causing extensive damage. Each company involved in the construction must have legal protection from liability for issues beyond their control. The right construction contract and dispute resolution can protect companies from liability for injuries, property damage and other defect claims caused by others involved in the construction project.

Settling Construction Disputes

When multiple companies are working together to complete a large-scale project, disputes can arise. Mark Burr and his team are experienced at handling all types of construction disputes between local and state regulatory agencies, developers, owners, contractors, engineers and architects. Having an experienced real estate attorney to field the legal issues can help keep projects on track to meet deadlines and reduce extra costs for parties involved.

The Law Offices of S. Mark Burr, P.C. is your source for reputable legal assistance in all sizes of commercial construction projects. Whether you are a commercial property owner, developer, contractor or engineer, having the right legal team to protect your interests is important before becoming involved in a major construction project in Georgia. Contact Mark Burr at his office in Alpharetta to schedule a consultation if you need a construction law lawyer.

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