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Small Business Formation Lawyer

Small businesses are the foundation of our country and at the core of the American dream. If you are considering opening a small business in Georgia, it can be an exciting and complicated process. It takes more than hard work to create a successful business. You need to protect your financial, intellectual and time investment. Mark Burr at the Law Offices of S. Mark Burr, P.C. in Alpharetta is a small business formation lawyer with decades of experience in corporate law by helping new small business owners get started with the right foundation for a successful venture.

Beyond the product or service offered by your small business, you need to consider the many other elements of creating a business entity. There are complex legalities that will impact your business from the local and state to federal laws. It is important to begin your new business with legal protection in the form of structure, vendor contracts, financing, lease negotiations and employee agreements.

Mark Burr has helped many small business owners through the beginning stages of forming their new business. Mr. Burr has spent over 30 years as a business and commercial real estate lawyer, focusing on helping protect the interests of his clients. His experience in business law and small business formation can help make sure your new business is legally protected.

Small Business Structure

One of the basic decisions for small business formation is the legal structure of the company. Will your new business be a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or LLC? There are benefits to each type of business structure, including tax, liability, expansion and risk elements. It is important to understand how each of the elements will apply to your business, so you can choose the right structure that will protect the owners and the growth potential of the business.

Mark Burr has extensive experience in business formation structure and law to help advise you on the right path for your venture. Each company and situation are unique, and what may be the best structure for one business is not right for another. Mr. Burr will discuss the different options as they pertain to your business plan and vision to determine the structure that would be most advantageous to your company.

Avoid Startup Legal Mistakes

Hindsight vision is 20/20, a reality that many small business owners learn too late. The best time to put legal protection in place for you, your partners and your small business is before the business has its first customer. A solid business plan with the right legal provisions in place can reduce your risks, minimize your tax obligations, protect your intellectual property and improve your chance of success.

Determining the right entity or structure is crucial, but many other legal factors will impact the first months and years of your startup company. Mark Burr and his legal team can help you avoid the common legal pitfalls that many new businesses encounter. As your small business formation lawyer, Mr. Burr can offer legal assistance with:

  • Shareholder agreements, operating agreements and governance documents
  • Lease negotiations or commercial property purchases
  • Financing or small business loans
  • Employee contract negotiations, drafting and review
  • Trademarks and licensing
  • Vendor, supplier and customer contracts

Are you starting a new small business in the greater metro Atlanta area? If you need a small business formation lawyer, contact the Law Offices of S. Mark Burr, P.C. in Alpharetta. Mark Burr and his team can provide the legal advice you need to begin your new business with the right legal protections in place to help your company thrive.

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