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Business Purchase and Sale Contracts Lawyer

Every purchase or sale of a business is unique. Each business is its own entity, and there are various terms and conditions that need to be negotiated before the sale. A business sale or purchase involves aspects of business and contract law that requires legal knowledge to ensure both the seller and buyer’s interests are protected. If you are seeking a business purchase and sale contract lawyer in the Atlanta area, the Law Offices of S. Mark Burr, P.C. in Alpharetta is your source.

Mark Burr has an extensive background in contract, business and real estate law that can be beneficial for his clients during a business sale or purchase. With over 30 years of corporate law and real estate law experience, Mr. Burr and his team can protect your interests when you are selling or buying a business. Not only can Mr. Burr help negotiate the best terms and price, but he can also draft or review the sales contracts so your interests are protected by the law.

Business Lawyer for Business Sales

Is it time to sell your business? There are many factors beyond price that will be important when selling your business. It is vital to have a business lawyer that will take the time to get to know you and your business to create the most conducive selling environment. This can include specific characteristics about your business that will make it attractive to buyers, often beyond the basic numbers of sales, profits and price.

Mark Burr has worked with many companies over the years, and he understands how much is invested into creating a business. His experience in this complex area of law can help uncover the valuable aspects of your company that will entice the highest bidders. When a viable buyer makes an offer, Mr. Burr and his legal team can carefully draft the business sales contract to include protection of your rights and interests. This can include confidentiality agreement, limiting your post-closing liabilities and other factors that are favorable to you as a seller.

Contract Lawyer for Business Purchases

Purchasing a business can have high risks without legal protection. Not only will it require an intense review of all financial information, but also due diligence with all business contracts, licenses, permits and trademarks that are critical to the business. Extensive research is needed so all pertinent terms and conditions are included in the sales contract to protect your investment in your new business. These can include:

  • Non-compete clauses
  • Reduce or eliminate prior-to-sale liabilities
  • Rights to patents, licenses, trademarks
  • Non-disclosure clauses
  • Employee contracts

Mark Burr and his legal team can provide the legal assistance needed so your business purchase is meticulously researched and protected. Mr. Burr can offer his legal experience during all phases of the purchase, including negotiations, contract drafting and review of the purchase contract.

Equitable Business Sales and Purchases

Regardless of which side of the business transfer you are on, Mark Burr and his team will provide the legal advice to help ensure your interests are protected. When due diligence is performed, there is no reason that both sides of a business sale transaction cannot be satisfied with the result. Mr. Burr utilizes his extensive understanding of business, contract and real estate law to benefit his clients. The goal is to eliminate any surprises after the sale that could impact the value or benefit of the sale.

If you are considering a business sale or purchase in the Atlanta area, contact the Law Offices of S. Mark Burr, P.C. in Alpharetta today to schedule a consultation to discuss your upcoming business sale or purchase transaction.

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