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Business Contracts Lawyer

All aspects of running a successful business require contracts. From negotiating the best prices with your vendors to lending and employee agreements, contracts and business operation go hand-in-hand. Business contracts must adhere to local, state and federal laws, outlining mutual agreements between various relationships that impact your company. If you need a reliable, knowledgeable business contracts lawyer in the Atlanta area, you can trust the Law Offices of S. Mark Burr, P.C. in Alpharetta to provide legal assistance with corporate law.

Business contracts are a mainstay in most types of businesses, from everyday interactions to specific purchases or financial lending. In most cases, all parties involved in business contracts will have obligations and benefits outlined in the agreements. Business contracts should not be viewed as the end of a negotiation but as a continuing process to strengthen relationships that impact your business. Mark Burr and his team can help negotiate and draft business contracts that create an advantageous stronghold for your company.

Understanding Contract Law

Contracts are legal agreements that outline the outcome of negotiations between two or more entities. A purchase agreement is a simple business contract where your business agrees to pay a set amount for a specific product or service. There are many types of business contracts that are covered under contract laws that can help solve disputes. The goal of Mark Burr and his legal team is to help their business clients design contracts that will protect them from liability and improve their position or strategy with an advantageous solution.

Contract law is complex. Understanding the specific terms and conditions that can be applied to different business contracts is crucial for creating a beneficial agreement for your company. Contract law can be used to negotiate and draft a wide variety of business contracts, including:

  • Licensing agreements
  • Shareholder or partnership agreements
  • Purchase and sales contracts
  • Contractor agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Employee contracts

Almost all vendors, suppliers, customers and employees have implications under contract law. Some interactions require detailed, written contracts, while others are implied. The legal team at the Law Offices of S. Mark Burr, P.C. can help your business negotiate and draft the required contracts and agreements to protect your rights and limit risks for your company.

Reviewing Business Contracts

Before signing on the dotted line, all business contracts should be reviewed by a small business or corporate law attorney. When you are entering into a business relationship that requires a contractual agreement, it is crucial to have that contract reviewed. All contracts are negotiable, and it is vital to ensure business agreements are legal and protect your company’s best interests. Mark Burr has extensive experience in reviewing and drafting complex business agreements. He can identify possible exclusions or inclusions that could be risky for your business in a dispute or conflict.

Mark Burr has spent over three decades working with corporate executives and small business owners who need legal assistance. When it comes to contract law, Mr. Burr can offer his skill in negotiating, drafting and reviewing most types of business contracts. His experience can identify possible interpretations and enforcement contingencies that could impact your business if the contract is breached by the other party.

Avoid Form or Generic Contracts

There are many generic or form business contracts available, but these general contracts are not specific to your business. A basic form for a contract may be inexpensive, but it may not protect your small business effectively from all risks or liabilities. While you may use a form contract for repeated interactions, even these should be tailored to your business. Mark Burr and his team can create customized business contracts that offer better protection for your company and limit your legal liabilities.

If you need a business contracts lawyer in the Atlanta area, contact the Law Offices of S. Mark Burr, P.C. in Alpharetta, GA. Mark Burr can negotiate, draft and review business contracts to ensure they are comprehensive and protect your interests.

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