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Commercial Tenants Need Legal Protections Alpharetta, GA
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As a commercial tenant, you are likely looking forward to generating profit, growing your business or attracting people to your organization. When these endeavors require leasing a property, you need to know your rights and how to handle any disputes.

Unfortunately, commercial rental agreements often turn sour. Establishing who is at fault and finding a resolution is important. Neither party benefits from a drawn out war of words. Finding common ground and an amicable solution is preferable to a fight with no winners.

Commercial Property Repairs

One of the issues that sometimes end in dispute is determining who is responsible for repairs. A business contract can establish rules and responsibilities, but there are potential gray areas that can lead to confusion.

Most lease holders and landlords are not fully versed on relevant laws. It is therefore often necessary to hire a lawyer who can mediate disputes and help both parties move forward. The alternative is issues such as loss of rent, a stifled business or reputations that are ruined.

Breach of Lease

The person who leases out a commercial property (lessor) will likely create a contract for any potential individual or entity (leasee) who wants to rent the space. This agreement should include legal provisions that protect all involved parties. However, there are instances where a contract unfairly favors the lessor.

If you feel that a business contract has you set up to fail, consulting with an experienced lawyer is an option. Lessors are running a business, so negative press is never a positive. If you are accused of breaching your lease, mitigation could help all parties come to an agreed resolution.

Eviction Disputes

When relationships between the lessor and leasee become strained to the point where eviction is proposed, you may need help from a lawyer. There are laws that dictate how a lessor can end a lease based on breaches of the agreement. You also have rights as the leasee, so consulting with a lawyer is preferable to accepting an eviction without dispute.

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