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What to Know About Land Title Reviews Alpharetta, GA
Real Estate Law Alpharetta GA

If you are planning to purchase a real estate property, there are a number of legal processes you will need to complete before the final closing. You will need to have a home inspection and secure financing within a couple weeks of signing the contract. Land title reviews can be beneficial to identify potential issues with the ownership of the land. Here is everything you need to know about land title reviews to help you protect your investment.

Purpose of Land Title Reviews

Land title reviews are conducted by real estate attorneys to look for any judgements, liens or lawsuits attached to the property. If these issues are detected, it could affect your ability to take ownership of the property. Many issues can be easily cleared, but there can be times when the buyer may need to cancel the deal because the problems are unresolvable. If title restrictions are found, it could be costly to you in a variety of ways in the future.

Important Aspects of Land Title Reviews

There are a few aspects of land title reviews to look for that can save you future headaches when purchasing real estate in Georgia. Make sure to read the document carefully and consult with a real estate attorney regarding anything you are unable to understand. The document should contain a title abstract that details property ownership and any liens, judgments or unpaid property taxes recorded against the property. The title review should also contain a title insurance policy and a map of property lines or encroachments.

Protect Your Georgia Investment with Land Title Reviews

Land title reviews can help discover any defects that need to be corrected before you close on a real estate property in Georgia. There can be a number of other issues that can impact your use and value of the real estate you are purchasing. The law offices of S. Mark Burr, PC can help you with lien searches and title examinations to detect any defects that may affect you. You can have peace of mind with proper legal representation to protect your interests. Schedule a consultation to discuss your case today.

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