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How to Legally Protect Yourself Against a Faulty Commercial Real Estate Deal Alpharetta, GA
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Are you looking to start or expand your business by looking at available properties in the Georgia area? Buying commercial real estate can be a great investment opportunity. However, it can also be risky, especially if you end up with a faulty deal. Signs of a faulty commercial real estate deal include an overly pushy realtor, an undesirable neighborhood and undisclosed information on a particular property. Here are three ways to legally protect yourself from a bad investment.

Get a Professional Opinion

Commercial real estate deals can be complex and difficult to navigate. Unseen financial pitfalls can happen to beginning investors. Have a professional look over any commercial real estate deal before you sign. A real estate lawyer can identify potential issues to help you avoid legal problems and ensure a fair contract.

Conduct Due Diligence

Conducting due diligence is essential when buying commercial real estate. Sellers are legally required to disclose important information about the property, but may not be transparent with certain details. The due diligence process involves researching the property’s history, ownership, and previous legal disputes. Schedule a professional home inspection and be present while this investigation is underway. You should also review financial records, such as tax returns and income statements, to ensure everything is in order.

Include Contract Contingencies

Including contingencies in the contract can protect you from a faulty commercial real estate deal. For instance, you can include a contingency that allows you to back out of the contract under certain conditions. These conditions can include failing to secure financing or discovering issues with the property during due diligence. Speak to an experienced attorney to discover what contingencies you may need to include for your unique situation.

Commercial Real Estate Deal Legal Consultation

Protecting yourself legally when buying commercial real estate is critical. By getting a professional opinion, conducting due diligence and including contingencies in your contract, you can avoid a faulty deal and invest in a property worth your investment. The experienced team at the law offices of S. Mark Burr, P.C. can help you with all your legal questions and concerns to make the best possible investment. Call to schedule a legal consultation today.

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